<i>Learn because you are happy</i> <i>Grow because you have dreams</i> <i>This time, SOP and YOU are together in this English journey</i></font>
<i>Learn because you are happy</i> <i>Grow because you have dreams</i> <i>This time, SOP and YOU are together in this English journey</i></font>

Learn because you are happy Grow because you have dreams This time, SOP and YOU are together in this English journey

What is SOP?

SOP Education Center is a place where you experience a different English learning.
The environment around the SOP Team is built on the relationship between the ‘’students’ trust’’ on their teachers giving you the English learning you deserve and the ‘’teachers’ love’’ to help you reach the English goals they set.
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In SOP, not only you get the breakthrough of your English learning experience but you also will develop a better learning mentality, understand more international visions and become more self-independent.
SOP Education Center also provides you with opportunities to have wonderful study tours and local excursions that every self-motivated students and parents look forward to.

How SOP has changed

SOP Education Center has received an increase in demand for students’ English performance and has been looking for ways to better aide students with improving their English acquisition. In 2019, instead of originally operating by English summer camps and online English learning platform, SOP has now combined online and offline English learning comprehensively allowing students to connect with SOP no matter where they are and when they want.
SOP has come a long way that it can now be called Step On Prosperity or Study Online Plus.

SOP Core Value
Should you feel pressured in learning the English language?

Does feeling the pressure help you get good results?

Many English learners like you feel so pressured in your quest to better your English skills that you forget the value of having fun while studying but in SOP we would like you to develop the English learning passion aside from just gaining high scores. Here in SOP we give importance to students’ HAPPINESS, COMFORT and ENJOYMENT while learning English. We want you to take a closer look at the scenery of the learning process and enjoy the learning trail instead of rushing to get to the top of the hill of achievement, open the sails of learning and go down the wind and sail forward to your English skill improvement.

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Can't change the system, then change the environment

Strong pressure equals grades?

We improve our performance because of happiness
SOP Team

Put on another pair of shoes

If you are not comfortable, change another pair of shoes.
SOP Team

Learn to go down the wind

Observe the wind, learn to open the sail
SOP Team
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Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Anthony J. D'Angelo
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SOP Standard

We believe in the diversification of the learning process. Learning English doesn’t need to be forced onto the students rather it should be done in a natural way that focuses more on the efficiency and innovation of learning. With this in mind, SOP Education Center integrates the use of technology in all its classes hand in hand with Cambridge and Oxford published books which is used worldwide.
Also, through the help of SOP’s faculty with many years of teaching experience you would soon develop your weaknesses into your strengths from the integration of skills and customization of the English learning process to suit your capabilities and needs. Our teaching team is TESOL certified which guarantees a better teaching quality you will have compared to others.
As long as you’re learning with us, learning the English language would be so much fun and memorable.

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